Book launch with Eviane Leidig “The Women of the Far Right”

On November 2nd, 2023, we had the great pleasure of participating in the book launch of The Women of the Far Right, written by Dr. Eviane Leidig (Tilburg University). Hosted by the research project NEOVEX, the event was jointly organized with the Free University of Berlin, the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society in Berlin, the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society Jena, and supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Moderated by Annett Heft and Maik Fiekitz, the book launch began with a short introduction to the topic of right-wing extremism and populism as central challenges for democracy and society. Built upon current examples, the presentation explained that the normalization of right-wing extremism in the social and political sphere leads to an increase in anti-Semitism, hatred, and violence against political opponents, and global anti-immigrant mobilization. 

Moving away from the stereotypical young, violent, uneducated white men, Leidig’s book investigates an often forgotten actor- the women of the right wing. Here, she explores their role, how they shape the movement. By investigating how these influencers operate and what their motivations are, Leidig provides insights in how their practices help mainstreaming far-right ideology. 

Following the introduction, a panel discussion with Dominika Tronina, Eviane Leidig, Annett Heft, and Maik Fiekitz expanded the conversation on to how propaganda techniques are changing in the digital space and are used to spread right-wing extremist ideologies. The event finished with a Q&A with the audience questions to the author and panelists, resulting in a lively discussion!

We thank the NEOVEX for organizing the event and for the presence of Dr. Eviane Leidig!

For more information (in German) on the event, click here.